Sell Vanilla Gift Cards


Sell Your ONEVANILLA Gift Cards at %71 Cash Value

Must have receipt showing you paid in cash!
We ONLY accept cards purchased with cash!
We reserve the right to ask for additional verification not listed in the basic instructions and we may REFUSE to charge your card if the you fail to release verification documents.

You Will Get %70 Worth Of Your One Vanilla Gift Card Value In Your PayPal Account. For Example, You Will Get $70 PayPal Credit For $100 One Vanilla Gift Card.

Trade instructions:
1. Upload a clearly visible photo of your purchase receipt showing that you paid for your card with cash.
2. Upload clearly visible photos of the front and back of your card.

We don’t accept My Vanilla cards

These are only the cards we accept:
∙ One Vanilla Visa
∙ One Vanilla Master Card
∙ Vanilla Visa Gift Card
∙ Vanilla MC Gift Card

For Nigerian Sellers, What’s App our country representative on 07061059276 and get paid locally into your bank account.