Sell iTunes Gift Cards


Sell your iTunes Gift cards for Up To %70 Value

Please Read Trade Instructions

  • Take a picture of the scratched card and send as an attachment to place order.
  • This is only for United States iTunes. If you are trading other countries iTunes please inform us first using our contact page. Other countries we buy are United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and some Euro countries iTunes cards only. We do not buy Mexico cards or other countries not listed here at all.
  • DO not submit used, fake, blur or already redeemed card as this may lead to blocking your contact.
  • We may request your payment receipt for further clarifications.
  • We only accept $15, $25, $50 and $100 card denominations only.
  • The photo MUST be clear enough to read the codes.

Please don’t try to deceive us, we are all professional and reliable, do not send any CARDS that have been used or are not activated. This will delay our time and your contact will be banned.

We need full card photo, the amount on card must show (not hand written). If the amount is not written on card from factory, you will need to provide the full receipt photo together with your full card photo.

★★★ The modified card = NO TRADE

★★★ Single card that is more than $100 = NO TRADE

★★★ The card picture is not clear = NO TRADE

If each card more than $100 denomination, no funds will be released at all

If you cannot meet all the above requirements, NO TRADE


Step 1: Submit your Info and Upload the picture of the card.

Step 2: Wait, we will redeem the code.

Step 3: we will release money to your submitted PayPal email when we redeem your code successfully.

For Nigerian Sellers, “Do Not Upload Card Photo Here” Contact our country representative on +2347061059276 (via WhatsApp) and get paid locally into your bank account.


Thank you for trading with us.